Co-hosted event

Co-hosted event

Powering Growth: Unlocking MSME Finance Through Policies, Innovation and Partnerships

14 March 2024
Brasilia, Brazil
Powering Growth: Unlocking MSME Finance Through Policies, Innovation and Partnerships

Embark on a transformative journey into the future of MSME finance at this in-person event organized by the Banco Central do Brasil (BCB) as a side event of the G20 and GPFI 1st Plenary of 2024, co-hosted by Sebrae and the SME Finance Forum!

Elevate your industry standing alongside key leaders from the sector. Together, we'll confront the $5.7 trillion global financing gap head-on, delving into cutting-edge insights and embracing disruptive innovations. Join forces with Brazil government officials, global industry experts, and FinTech trailblazers to forge strategic partnerships that drive inclusive growth. From unraveling global trends to navigating the impact of e-commerce giants and leveraging alternative data solutions, this conference equips you with actionable strategies. Seize the opportunity to empower entrepreneurs and navigate the digital financial landscape confidently.

Join us to play a crucial role in shaping a brighter future for MSME Finance worldwide!

Why Attend?

Join Government officials, banks, and FinTech disruptors, as we tackle the $5.7 trillion MSME finance gap head-on.

In this event:

- Uncover new estimates and strategies to bridge the gap, with Brazil and beyond as your case studies.

- Trend spot beyond the hype: Ride the wave of industry innovations, partnerships, and digital transformation – the real game-changers.

- Disrupt to empower: Dive into real-world solutions from e-commerce giants, alternative data pioneers, and more.

- Spotlight the challenges of women and youth and forge a path to inclusive growth.

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