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Our events

Marketplace Sessions

07 December 2021
Marketplace Sessions

The “SME Finance Virtual Marketplace” is an online match-making platform that promotes partnership and collaboration between financial institutions, fintech companies and development finance institutions/ investors. The virtual Marketplace is powered by GlobalLinker, an AI powered ‘Digital Ecosystem’ offering SMEs a range of services to build digital presence including e-commerce. 

How does the Marketplace operate?

To participate in the marketplace session, each member of the SME Finance Forum must have 1) an institutional profile (company profile) and personal profiles (individuals representing the companies) set up on the marketplace. Institutional profile shall also include products/services being offered by the members. With institutional profile and personal profile, representatives of member institutions will be able to explore different offerings by other members such as investment products, advisory services, technology solutions...etc. The virtual platform will enable members to reach out to one another to discuss potential collaboration and partnership at their own convenience.  

Marketplace Sessions

The marketplace sessions are scheduled monthly and feature a series of institutions (DFIs, fintechs, investors, etc.) who present their products/services. Following the presentations, participants can reach out directly to the presenting institutions to make inquiries or explore partnership opportunities based on their interests. 


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