Industry Event: Speaking Role

Industry Event: Speaking Role

SME Lending: Paving the Way to KSA's Vision 2030

29 February 2024
SME Lending: Paving the Way to KSA's Vision 2030

Discover how the “Financial Sector Development” program is reshaping lending accessibility, stability, and growth in banking. Explore the evolution of laws, cutting-edge FinTech, and the establishment of a Financial Academy.
Be part of the discussion on Saudi Arabia's journey to become a premier destination for FinTech, ensuring a modern, innovative financial system that actively supports entrepreneurship and private sector growth.

Qamar Saleem, SME Finance Forum CEO will be part of the panel that focuses on "Navigating Regulatory Transformation":

  • Analyzing the impact of regulatory changes on SME lending and financial inclusion.

  • Exploring regulatory frameworks from successful international models in lending.

  • Strategies for fostering a collaborative ecosystem that supports regulatory norms and growth.

The Frontiers of Digital Finance (FDF) conference series is a must-attend “invite only” event for financial institutions, innovative startups, investors, policy makers, technologists, and other business leaders to learn about trends in digital finance and build relationships with key executives in the industry.

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