Conference proceedings

Conference proceedings

Opening Keynote - Day 2


Clare Shine, Director and CEO, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) 


The implication of global sustainability plays a vital role within the global financial system. Financial institutions are considering a more forward-thinking strategy where it delivers high impact, systemic solutions for business, government, and financial sector. An emerging and rapidly growing issues such as climate change, global health encourages to scale up development financing toward a resilient and sustainable future.  

Small and medium sized enterprises account for a large share of global resources and economy activities as well as an essential part for green financing. CISL's goal is to develop leadership capacity and system-level solutions to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy. CISL can help SMEs in the effort to move capital into green investments, low carbon growth as a way to achieve sustainable and climate targets. 

Key takeways 

  • CISL is helping financial institutions to play a leading role in building a more sustainable economy. 

  • The short-term target for CISL is to unlock more innovation as it is an integral part of sustainable development.   

  • Green finance is a significant challenge for SMEs as firms develop and commercialize innovative solutions to climate change. 


Words of Wisdom

“Covid has reminded us how very unresilient and exposed we are at economic and society level.” 

“We need to tackle the converging crisis of climate, on social inequality and more in a genuinely interconnected way.”