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Other Industry Event

International Sustainability Forum

24 - 25 October 2024
9 : 00
18 : 00
Kiev, Ukraine // The Hague, Netherlands // Online
International Sustainability Forum

The International Sustainability Forum 2024 - is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to enhance cooperation on critical challenges and address gaps in the green recovery of Ukraine and the development of the economy based on the principles of sustainability.

ASDE with Forum’s partners aims to bring together the stakeholders in Ukraine’s and EU's business and financial sectors for a frank and practical discussion on what should be done for the green recovery of Ukraine. For more than two years the country faced unprecedented circumstances and negative impacts on all spheres of society and the environment. Urgent support is needed to mitigate the effect of the ongoing war and the recent massive bombardments of the critical infrastructure that impacted globally for the world. The global challenge is to find a way to support economic development in line with the EU agenda stimulating sustainable investing.

Objectives of event:

● Form an international network and ecosystem partnership for the green recovery of Ukraine and support for EU accession

● Form a sustainability business community platform of Ukrainian and partner countries for realization joining business development against global threats

● Connect local businesses with international investors

● Create a platform on global financial methodologies and practices that will help to find the necessary resources for the recovery, adjustment, and development of activities not only for Ukrainian business during the war and the post-war period but also for businesses in other fragile and post-conflict countries


ASDE is an Industry Partner of The SME Finance Forum.
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