Global SME Finance Awards 2024 - INFORMATION SESSIONS

Global SME Finance Awards 2024 -  INFORMATION SESSIONS

Global SME Finance Awards 2024 -  INFORMATION SESSIONS

The SME Finance Forum organizes the Global SME Finance Awards (The Awards) as a core part of its mission to create a unique platform for peer connections, knowledge dissemination, and innovations in SME Finance. The Forum’s extensive 240+ global network, crowds in financial institutions, fintech companies, development banks, policymakers, and industry experts from across the globe, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and partnership building on a global scale. Hence, the Global SME Finance Awards has evolved into a pinnacle of global recognition for those making a real impact in the SME finance landscape.  

Since its launch in 2018, The Awards recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements of financial service providers in delivering exceptional products and services to scale SME finance in their respective markets. It provides an opportunity for institutions to highlight and share good practices, impact, knowledge, and be recognized amongst the global peer group of world leaders in SME finance and services.  
We are rolling out a series of Information Sessions during the 2024 Awards Season to share with Financial Service Providers (FSPs) and Industry Stakeholders the role and importance of The Awards in showcasing remarkable achievements and impact in the industry.
The sessions also aim to provide information on the application process, respective awards categories, and related information on the awards. Speakers include industry leaders and practitioners from the Forum’s global network, as well as past applicants and winners. 


April 24th - Inaugural Information Session Global SME Finance Awards 2024 - RECORDING

May 8th - Product Innovation of the Year information session - RECORDING

May 22nd - Sustainable Bond of the Year Award information session - RECORDING

June 5th - SME Financier of the Year - RECORDING

June 13th - Best Financier for Women Entrepreneurs - RECORDING

APPLY NOW - Deadline for Submission is July 5, 2024!

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