Industry Event: Speaking Role

Industry Event: Speaking Role

Trade and Investment Forum 2024

16 April 2024
15 : 30
16 : 15
Trade and Investment Forum 2024
Discussing how Trade Finance is currently interacting with investors, whether the Electronic Trade Documents Act, passed last year, has succeeded in becoming a catalyst for trade finance turning into a desirable asset class, how modern technology has become a transformative tool for institutional and private investors’ perception of trade finance. In addition, it will also look at the latest and future initiatives aimed at closing the trade finance gap by establishing a much wider market for trade assets.
Qamar Saleem, SME Finance Forum Global Head, will be part of the panel that focuses on Emerging market prospects: Focus on Asia, Africa, Middle East – how do yields compare in different markets? 
  • Why invest in emerging markets?
  • Yield variations in different parts of the globe
  • How can investors access emerging market investments?
  • How do default rates differ by region?

Brought to you by the second annual Trade and Investment Forum, hosted by BCR in partnership with ITFA, join asset managers, insurers, fund managers, trade finance banks, fintechs, and all who are interested in alternative investment with risk/return profiles that align with the character of trade finance portfolios, at TIF24, 16 April, SMBC Bank, London (GMT +00:00 Europe/London timezone).

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