Fangfang Jiang

Fangfang Jiang

Fangfang Jiang is the Regional Lead for Digital Financial Services at the Financial Institution Group Asia & Pacific, International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group. With a distinguished career spanning 20 years, encompassing both consulting and banking roles, she has been an unwavering force driving financial inclusion and digital innovation across Asia, with a particular focus on China and Singapore.

In her current role at IFC, Fangfang Jiang fervently champions inclusive initiatives, harnessing the power of digital financial services to fortify the financial sector. She specializes in capacity building across various domains, including Digital Microfinance, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Finance, Gender-inclusive finance, Agrifinance, and Supply Chain Finance, forging close collaborations with regulatory bodies, financial institutions, and Fintech enterprises.

Fangfang's journey at IFC commenced in 2012 when she spearheaded groundbreaking financial inclusion efforts in China. Her duties encompassed the meticulous design and execution of pioneering microfinance and digital finance projects, forging partnerships with over 20 microfinance institutions, national and regional commercial banks, digital lenders, insurance companies and advocating for progressive regulatory reforms in financial inclusion space.

Relocating to Singapore in 2020 and prior to her current role, Fangfang took on the role of heading the Business Management Unit of FIG, focusing on innovation, sustainability, and skill development initiatives across Asia. Prior to her time at IFC, she served as the Head of Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) at a prominent Chinese commercial bank and was a Bank Advisor in IPC, a leading Microfinance consulting firm, to assist 7 regional banks in establishing dedicated MSE Business.

Fangfang Jiang holds a Master of Global Management and a Master of European Studies from the Bremen University of Applied Science in Germany, complemented by a bachelor's degree in international economics and trade from Sichuan University. She has also enriched her expertise by attending a digital transformation program at the National University of Singapore in 2022.


Fangfang  Jiang
Regional Lead for Digital Financial Services at the Financial Institution Group Asia & Pacific - IFC
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