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The SME Finance Forum operates a global membership network that brings together financial institutions, fintech companies, and development finance institutions to share knowledge, spur innovation, and promote the growth of SMEs.

Members share a common commitment to advancing finance so that small and medium enterprises can flourish and grow. Join us and become part of a global forum of 150 Members and industry partners dedicated to accelerating SME finance.

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Once completed, please send the SME Finance Forum membership form to Hourn Thy at

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  • It’s a good platform to talk about regulation, to talk about new technologies and understand how the market is evolving.

    Carlos Lopez-Moctezuma, Director of Financial Inclusion, BBVA

  • We are making connections with fintechs and banks interested in the SME space.

    Hemant Baijal, VP, Global Public Policy

  • It gives you access to what’s happening in the SME finance space around the world.

    Syed Abdul Momen, Head of SME Banking

  • We get paid back every year many fold over, not just in terms of new business relationships, but really how do we all go about the business of doing this better.

    Patrick Reily, CEO Verde International